Monday, May 2, 2011

Love Bugs

Lovebugs....a nickname I had for my adorable daughters until recently when I came to realize that there are actually a species of bug out there called lovebugs...oh yes and the name is totally acurate for these little horny insects! As it turns out, where I live in FL, they become sex addicts two times a year, May and sometime in the fall. Let me elaborate for all of you whom arent familiar with the Lovebugs, you would think that they would be a cute insect...FALSE they are ugly black little buggers who are so busy being stuck together doing the nasty, these nothingtolove bugs cant pay attention to where they are going leading to them landing on you, in the pool, on the car, etc(which if you dont wash these "love"ly creatures off they become acidic and ruin the paint on your vehicle) So imagine my horror when I discover I have been calling my daughters the name of a bug whose record setting lovemaking would make Tiger Woods and politicians seem like saints! Well from now on I will be sticking to nicknames such as darling or sweetpea. Have a "love"ly day!