Monday, September 17, 2012

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Happy Fall Bloggies and Bloggettes!! For all you perfectionists, I know the official first day of autumn isn't until Saturday, but I figured 5 days was close enough.  In Florida there is no "fall", it sort of skips from 90s, humid, hot summer days to 60s-70s, chilly, damp winter days(and we don't see those cooler temps til November at the earliest!).  So I just turn to everything pumpkin in the beginning of September, at least my girls will have the concept of 4 seasons since they don't get to experience the true changes like the gorgeous sight of autumn leaves!  Last year my mom sent a package of leaves for the girls, haha all you northerners hate the clutter of leaves everywhere and we'd love to get a few!  If you are still in denial that summer has ended, may I suggest a trip over to your local coffeeshop/starbucks/dunkins and get something like the salted caramel latte or pumpkin spice latte paired with an apple scone/donut/muffin.  After that go to your favorite clothing store and pick out a new scarf/jeans/jacket/boots that make you want cooler weather to show them off!  If you are still not convinced, think hot soups/chili, football games, halloween, thanksgiving, all things apple-pie, cider, etc......Okay so maybe I just have a slight fall obsession.  Whatever the case, I hope you had a fabulous summer, take the last 5 days to print off some summer memories to put in frames, go to the beach,  soak in those last hazy sunsets, have an ice cream or frozen yogurt-get pumpkin, itll make the transition that much smoother!  Anyways, we are starting fall in the best way possible here, Callie has started soccer(GO TIGERS), we've started our Sunday football/wings day tradition, we are looking forward to halloween/thanksgiving/the girls birthdays in November, and our house has an aroma/ambiance of pumpkin spice and everything nice.  My inner baker is going "hay"wire ;) with the unending recipes, but here is one that is perfect for ANYONE.  Individual baked oatmeal that is simple, clean, healthy, and you can add customize your toppings to your preference, cinnamon/raisens/apples/chocolate chips/fruit/nuts.  The best part is you bake them, and can eat them right away or freeze them so you can get those extra few minutes of beauty sleep without worrying about breakfast.  Thaw them and eat them cold or hot using your toaster oven(microwave is a last option!).  Anyways I'm going to indulge in a Keurig Apple Cider while reading and maybe a bit of pinterest(one can never have too many recipe ideas/decorating tips!)  Enjoy your day and here is the delish recipe!....