Monday, February 25, 2013

Weeding our Gardens...

Bonjour Bloggies and Bloggettes!! 
Now I'm sure you all must be wondering where the random title of my blog comes from today, so allow me to elaborate.  Backstory...our condo looks out onto a beautiful preserve and creek that tends to get overrun with random shrubs and other foliage overgrowth.  This tends to be a favorite residence for wild hogs and our condo association is not friendly with the idea of these pigs digging up their precious sod and rooting through garbage bins in our development.  So right now outside of my condo there is a big tractor/ tiller type thing completely mowing down the marshy overgrowth so the pigs will have to migrate to another location.  I know this sounds crazy and probably most of you are yawning and giving up hope I will ever get to my it is!  Recent life situations have helped me realize more often than not that we need to weed/till our lives of people/environments/etc and know whats worth keeping and whats worth getting rid of.  If you have certain friends/acquaintences/family/ that you have issues with you need to deal with it like pruning a can either trim it and nuture it so it can grow into something big and beautiful and deep rooted otherwise if you ignore it, it will make the relationship/plant stay dormant and not grow or if it is really toxic it will shrivel and die.  Am I making any sense yet?...  This can be applicable not just with relationships but with your job/house/finances.  Life is a crazy yet beautiful mess that constantly will have weeds growing/diseased plants/harsh conditions that will make it seem like its easier to just uproot everything and toss it to the side.  This is where I believe even though we don't control the world we do have the God given talent to step back, pray, meditate and reflect how you want to approach your life's garden...Some plants do not work with everyones garden, and you need to be okay with that.  Basically what I am trying to work on in my personal life and recommend that you TRY is weeding your garden on a regular basis, get rid of the people/places/things that aren't necessary and work on the ones that are going to make your life more fulfilling.  The most important thing I must stress to you is you must spend the time to see results.  You will find you love your life and can have a deeper appreciation and understanding for this beautiful world that God has lent us for a short time.  I hope that this little post will at least give you something to think over and will end this post with one of my favorite quotes..The infamous Mark Twain penned "There is no security in this life, only opportunity".