Monday, November 29, 2010


Lesson for husbands: Always think what the consequences will be when you are about to say something to your wife that could come back to bite you in the behind!
Example: Today my darling husband comes home from work beaming, why you ask? Well I will most certainly tell you. He is very excited to inform me that they had a hearing test today at work. I then interupt him saying how I knew he listened to everything way to loud and that the test must have proven he was deaf since he claims he never can hear me. And this is where he went wrong...deciding he wanted to prove how it doesn't matter how loud he listens to things he then informs me he has close to PERFECT hearing!! Hahahaha, now that is the evil laugh going through my head as I start to picture how nice it would be now that I KNOW he CAN hear me and if he even thinks of pulling some excuse out of thin air how he was daydreaming so he didn't hear what I said to him when I was sitting right next to him can only lead to him in deep trouble...hahahaha(theres that evil laugh again)and then i start to realize the power that came with these test results..visions of me asking him to take out the garbage and him responding immediately or better yet the next time I come home from shopping and he gives me the stink eye about what all I bought, I can sweetly respond, "but dearly I told you before I left what I needed to buy and since you have close to perfect hearing I knew you heard me and thought it was a fantastic idea to fill the empty spots in my closet!!" All these ideas have me wanting to write a personal thank you to the hearing tester guy!
So to all the husbands out there, in the spur of the moment when you think you might win by pulling out some information, please remember to say it to yourself first to make sure that it won't be used against you for the rest of your life. Now I've given fair warning so if you choose to open your mouth to win an argument, prove your wife wrong, etc do not say you haven't been warned and be prepared to deal with the consequences!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3 years!!

Today my daughter Callie turns 3...its hard to believe that it has already been 3 years, but she has grown so much! She is just this beautiful little girl with a whole lot of spunk! It is unbelivable how much information one little girl can store! Example, one day when she didnt want to finish her lunch she threw most of her sandwich in the garbage...i told her that was wasting and i couldve put it in a container in the fridge for when she was hungry later(aka like 20 min later). So today she comes up to me and says I put my food away for later, I tell her to show me, she opens the cupboard where I keep my storage containers and there was what was left of her sandwich in a ziploc. Definetly a pround mommy moment..she actually does listen to me! :) So we are heading out to be with family for the next couple of days, should be fantastic! Small bday party for the girls tonight plus Thanksgiving tomorrow. I predict I will have a swollen belly...but definetly worth it! I have so much to be thankful for..hubbys job, amazing family/friends, and the list goes on for miles! God definetly has blessed us! I hope your thanksgiving's filled with lots of love and good food -Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Who will I marry?

So it has gotten to the point with my 3 yr old, Callie, that we need to start being more cautious with what she watches so she doesn't get any ideas at her next playdate : P Something was on and there was a couple kissing, so she asks me "Mommy what boy do I kiss", I was like oh no where is this going, so i respond "You dont kiss any boys until your married like mommy and daddy" hoping it would end the conversation. Of course that wouldn't satisfy her curiosity so she proceeded to ask,"Who do I marry?" I stated "I dont know". "Trent?"(a friend of hers, name has been changed) I said no, so she asked again "Who will I marry?" I told her "Some lucky guy", she didn't look to impressed, and reasked the previous question, who will I marry? I repeated the same answer and this time she said "Daddy?" I said mommy is married to daddy. Then to finally get her to stop asking the questions that are way past her age range I had to bribe her with some leftover Halloween candy and let her watch Dora, hoping that this conversation would not be repeated for a very long time.. I then realized I better enjoy the fact that she actually loves talking to her mommy about everything because 10 years or less from now I might be so lucky as to get her to say one word to me and if i am so lucky that one word will probably be delivered via text message.. :(

Friday, November 19, 2010


Today my baby Charlotte turns 1, i guess that means she's not really so much of a baby anymore. :( It's funny how in the moments of her crying all night, cutting new teeth, just being anal in general, etc. I was thinking this is never going to end! But looking back it did really go by faster than I expected. My little 8lb 4oz little mush has turned into this beautiful 1 year old who is walking and talking with her big sister!! So happy birthday my darling Charlotte, I love you through and through yesterday today and tomorrow too! We might do a small cake tonight or I'll make up some cupcakes to celebrate with the hubs family tomorrow or sunday and then we'll do a dual birthday (my other little mischief maker callie turns 3 on wednesday) on wed or thursday with my family :)! Got to love the holiday season, the girls birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas, and my golden birthday is in january, that equals fabulous times with worn out credit cards and a giant dent in our bank account!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So just found out that my brother in law is pretty much going to be joining the Marines. THAT SUCKS. The hubby is not taking it too well, his only brother leaving for who knows how long. But of course he's too "manly" to voice his concerns to his brother, maybe he will in person. Also worried about my almost 3 yr old(her bday is next thursday) she is really attached to her extended family because they all have been so involved since she was born. He's going to be coming up here this weekend to say bye, and I need to prepare myself for the waterworks to erupt not only from my daughter but from my husband and then once everyone else is crying watch out, i see tears and i am sunk, i'll probably be crying worse than all of them! We've known he's wanted to join for a while, but kind of thought it might be a phase he would grow out of, boy were we wrong. I mean I give full props to all the people serving our country, but when it comes to my family I'd prefer them stay as safe as possible. My baby turns 1 on friday so hopefully the excitement will overshadow the sadness in our house this weekend. Wish me luck as I try to talk some sense into this stubborn headed bro in law of mine, I'm going to have to pull out every guilting option could he leave his nieces, family, friends, then on top of that risk all the mental problems that have been showing up with all of our soldiers. There's going to be some deep praying tonight!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good intentions or pervy old men?

So I'm grocery shopping with the hubs and my girls, when not once but on two separate occasions older gentlemen(by older i mean 70+) stop and say "can you give me a ride?".  Now I'm sure that they were saying that with the best intentions, but my hubs was like "I sure hope I'm not that pervy when I'm old".  Well we do live in an area of Florida where the majority of the population is over 70, so I guess I need to start preparing myself for the Viagra popping gentlemen of south fl! 


This weekend, November 18-21st from 2-5pm, at Starbucks they are offering buy one get one free on all of their holiday drinks!!!  Also if you text 12DAYS to 29943 you'll recieve one Starbucks deal per day starting on December 1st!  Im thinking catching up with a good friend, and having amazing coffee sounds fabulous, and the sweet deals are like the whipped cream on top of it all!!!


While since our budget right now doesn't have me getting a Kindle anytime soon I was excited to discover that Amazon has this program that you can download that allows you to read Kindle books on your PC! : D  Not only that, they have lists of free Kindle books that they are constantly changing!  So maybe if your lucky you could find an author that you are familiar with, otherwise you could change it up a bit and just pick one that looks interesting!  I'm starting to read "Love on a Dime" by Cara Lynn James, I'll let you know how it turns out.  The best part about e-books daughters can't get ahold of them and rip the pages!  Check it out if you have the time, definetly worth it!

Here's the link to download the kindle for PC program

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So this is my first blog,  I guess its a good way to express yourself, or so I'm told.  Here's a bit about me...  I have been happily married for three years this past September to a simply wonderful man aka Brett.  I am also the mom of two beautiful girls who are one and three. This blog is to capture this crazy thing called my life and maybe make someone out there feel like their life isn't so crazy after all!  So here's to living and loving life!