Monday, November 22, 2010

Who will I marry?

So it has gotten to the point with my 3 yr old, Callie, that we need to start being more cautious with what she watches so she doesn't get any ideas at her next playdate : P Something was on and there was a couple kissing, so she asks me "Mommy what boy do I kiss", I was like oh no where is this going, so i respond "You dont kiss any boys until your married like mommy and daddy" hoping it would end the conversation. Of course that wouldn't satisfy her curiosity so she proceeded to ask,"Who do I marry?" I stated "I dont know". "Trent?"(a friend of hers, name has been changed) I said no, so she asked again "Who will I marry?" I told her "Some lucky guy", she didn't look to impressed, and reasked the previous question, who will I marry? I repeated the same answer and this time she said "Daddy?" I said mommy is married to daddy. Then to finally get her to stop asking the questions that are way past her age range I had to bribe her with some leftover Halloween candy and let her watch Dora, hoping that this conversation would not be repeated for a very long time.. I then realized I better enjoy the fact that she actually loves talking to her mommy about everything because 10 years or less from now I might be so lucky as to get her to say one word to me and if i am so lucky that one word will probably be delivered via text message.. :(

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