Friday, November 19, 2010


Today my baby Charlotte turns 1, i guess that means she's not really so much of a baby anymore. :( It's funny how in the moments of her crying all night, cutting new teeth, just being anal in general, etc. I was thinking this is never going to end! But looking back it did really go by faster than I expected. My little 8lb 4oz little mush has turned into this beautiful 1 year old who is walking and talking with her big sister!! So happy birthday my darling Charlotte, I love you through and through yesterday today and tomorrow too! We might do a small cake tonight or I'll make up some cupcakes to celebrate with the hubs family tomorrow or sunday and then we'll do a dual birthday (my other little mischief maker callie turns 3 on wednesday) on wed or thursday with my family :)! Got to love the holiday season, the girls birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas, and my golden birthday is in january, that equals fabulous times with worn out credit cards and a giant dent in our bank account!

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