Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So just found out that my brother in law is pretty much going to be joining the Marines. THAT SUCKS. The hubby is not taking it too well, his only brother leaving for who knows how long. But of course he's too "manly" to voice his concerns to his brother, maybe he will in person. Also worried about my almost 3 yr old(her bday is next thursday) she is really attached to her extended family because they all have been so involved since she was born. He's going to be coming up here this weekend to say bye, and I need to prepare myself for the waterworks to erupt not only from my daughter but from my husband and then once everyone else is crying watch out, i see tears and i am sunk, i'll probably be crying worse than all of them! We've known he's wanted to join for a while, but kind of thought it might be a phase he would grow out of, boy were we wrong. I mean I give full props to all the people serving our country, but when it comes to my family I'd prefer them stay as safe as possible. My baby turns 1 on friday so hopefully the excitement will overshadow the sadness in our house this weekend. Wish me luck as I try to talk some sense into this stubborn headed bro in law of mine, I'm going to have to pull out every guilting option could he leave his nieces, family, friends, then on top of that risk all the mental problems that have been showing up with all of our soldiers. There's going to be some deep praying tonight!

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