Monday, November 29, 2010


Lesson for husbands: Always think what the consequences will be when you are about to say something to your wife that could come back to bite you in the behind!
Example: Today my darling husband comes home from work beaming, why you ask? Well I will most certainly tell you. He is very excited to inform me that they had a hearing test today at work. I then interupt him saying how I knew he listened to everything way to loud and that the test must have proven he was deaf since he claims he never can hear me. And this is where he went wrong...deciding he wanted to prove how it doesn't matter how loud he listens to things he then informs me he has close to PERFECT hearing!! Hahahaha, now that is the evil laugh going through my head as I start to picture how nice it would be now that I KNOW he CAN hear me and if he even thinks of pulling some excuse out of thin air how he was daydreaming so he didn't hear what I said to him when I was sitting right next to him can only lead to him in deep trouble...hahahaha(theres that evil laugh again)and then i start to realize the power that came with these test results..visions of me asking him to take out the garbage and him responding immediately or better yet the next time I come home from shopping and he gives me the stink eye about what all I bought, I can sweetly respond, "but dearly I told you before I left what I needed to buy and since you have close to perfect hearing I knew you heard me and thought it was a fantastic idea to fill the empty spots in my closet!!" All these ideas have me wanting to write a personal thank you to the hearing tester guy!
So to all the husbands out there, in the spur of the moment when you think you might win by pulling out some information, please remember to say it to yourself first to make sure that it won't be used against you for the rest of your life. Now I've given fair warning so if you choose to open your mouth to win an argument, prove your wife wrong, etc do not say you haven't been warned and be prepared to deal with the consequences!!!

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