Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Year. New Loves

Happy Valentine's Day!! I cannot believe how long it has been since my last blog, almost a year. My excuse...sheer laziness, I would think about catching up but I never followed through..hopefully this year I can be more motivated! Speaking of love and all that mushiness that goes with today, well two of my greatest loves(my daughters of course) celebrated their birthdays in November, so they are now 4 and 2! With children comes this insane love that only other parents can truely understand. I mean this kind of love is so crazy it goes from one end of the spectrum, giving hugs and kisses, to the other end, bleaching out the shower after they decide to use it as their personal toilet. So today I get to spend the day vegging out and watching little chicklet flicks(think Aristocats and Lady and the Tramp) and fight with these girls over the last piece of chocolate, since they seem to love it more than I do! All I can say is this is going to be one for the books, I love my girls more than words and am truly blessed to be able to have a fun, "love"ly day with them! I hope all of ya'lls Valentine's Day is filled with delightful people, food, chocolate, wine, flowers and whatever else makes you happy and you love to do! C'est Si Bon! ♥