Saturday, June 23, 2012

It was Summertime in Norther Michigan......

Hey all you bloggies and blogettes!  I know, me trying to post more often has been an epic failure...I will do better I promise! ;)   Anyways quick update on this little crazy journey also known as my life.  Both of my beautiful chicklets are healthy and growing and I am so blessed that I can stay home with them to watch them grow up...snifff.  Brett (le husband) is super busy at his job, I'm talking 10-12 hour days 5-6 days a week!!  But he applied for a transfer to a plant in one of the northern states (I'll leave that a secret for now) and we are praying/hoping/crossing our fingers like crazy that this will work out the way its meant to be!!  It would be absolutely perfect timing with Callie(4 1/2) about to start PK, and its the summer months; no moving in the horrid snow!!  We are expecting to hear within the next week if he gets this new position, although huge companies like the one he works for tends to take their sweet ole time.  Always funny how it seems the "higher-ups" in companies seem to play "Life" with their employees, they don't really care about the piece they are playing with, its all about winning!   Haha....Anyways so on top of the fact that we could be having to move within the next month, le chicklets, myself, and two of my aunts are going cross country!! Yes that is right we are piling into my car and driving from FL to the yoop of Michigan for the 4th of July for a little vacation.  4 blondes+1 brunette(me) attempting to drive through the night...26-28hours...1300ish miles..I think this will be the most epic road trip ever, may even qualify to be made into a book/movie. Tehe.. So thats the latest and greatest here in sunny FL, I will keep you posted on how this plays out!!  Enjoy the beginning of your summer!...Think BBQ's, fireworks, kayaking/boating/canoeing...aka take a 3 month hiatus from your TVs/Laptops/Devices and GET OUTSIDE!  I promise you will not be disappointed!

Much Love!

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