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Healthy Mind....Healthy Body!

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    Today's post is a continuation of the previous two blogs that highlight the beginning of my journey to a  healthier life!  This one will be shorter compared to the others, but it covers a lot of deeper thoughts and ideas so feel free to take breaks!  This time try jumping jacks(go for 50), followed by a simple 1 minute plank!  It will get your heart pumping and... well that is reason enough because everyone can benefit from a stronger heart!  On that note lets dive right back in to my body's healing journey....
     December 2010-January 2011...Christmas and New Years had brought us back home to Michigan to be with family and friends for the holidays.  Let me take this opportunity to say, me coming back to be with loved ones was like a huge breath of fresh air, it cleared my heavy heart and mind almost immediately.  It goes to show you home is where the heart is, where you feel at peace, where your body and mind are at ease, and because of the strong love, it is where you dont need anything because you have everything....I know, kind of deep, but this is only the beginning so buckle-up!  This is where I tie in the title of Healthy Mind leads to a Healthy Body.  Because, as soon as my mind and soul felt free and positive, my body reacted the same way.  I was not your average vacationer, my version of feeling relaxed was living out every day doing as much as possible.  My energy level was higher than it had been in previous years, maybe it was eating healthier, maybe it was my activity had increased, maybe it was the positive energy from my environment, but whatever way it was helping!  In between watching my nephew, working at my sisters spa, cleaning families houses, and random other chores, in that 4 week vacation I shed around 10lbs! 
     I got back to Florida in January 2011 and was on almost a "runners high" of endorphins, I was feeling so healthy!  Unfortunately those positive feelings only lasted so long and the emptiness I associated with not being around family dragged me back into a lonely place. I was keeping slightly active by doing things like playing tennis and walking around the development pulling my daughters in their wagon. I would like to note that my weight stayed at a plateau, it was like something pressed the pause button on my body, no movement whatsoever! Still my mind was not in a good place,  I didn't socialize,  my only friends being my two daughters who at that time were 1 and 3.  Again cue in to the title of healthy mind...healthy body.  The year of 2011 was almost a blur, one of those where you could pick 100 random days out of the whole year and ask me what I was doing and my response would've been the same thing.  I didn't branch out, I didn't experience new things, my life was as bland as an assisted living home's mashed potatoes, you know the kind that they have to puree because of the residents little to no teeth?!  Yeah.........not pretty to look at and even worse if you dare try a bite!  Now I know what your thinking, this poor girl, well..don't!!  The past is the past and there is a reason it is behind you.  It was a sad and lonely point in my life but without that stepping stone I would not be where I am today. My saving grace?  The two most beautiful souls that God blessed me with in the form of my daughters.  They are and always have been my dose of reality.  They provide entertainment and at the same time challenge me to be a better person on the daily.  These two chicklets make sure I'm still connected with my emotions from frustration to joy, while reminding me that life is precious and not something to be wasted or neglected!
     Next up?...Our annual Christmas vacation to Michigan...December 2011.  Yes I skipped over a lot, but as I stated, it really didn't take much to sum up that year.  It's like one of those chapters in life where I could've wasted a lot of time talking about little fluff details, but they aren't relevent to the main topic!  If your really interested, I'm sure you could speak with the author and find out more details ;) 
    Getting back up north, was once again, the breath of much needed fresh air after a year of smog.  Surrounded by the people I love most was exactly what I needed to get the healthy mind/body connection re-established.  Now I am going to go on a slight detour so you can understand how healing this trip was.  My older sister was 9 months pregnant, and I knew that I wanted to be there for when she had my new nephew or niece.  It was a brisk January day when she went in for what she thought was going to be one of her last checkups.  I had recieved a phone call later in the day that will stay in my head forever.  Something was wrong, and the doctor was going to induce my sister, because, well, there was not an option for what if they didn't.  My beautiful niece was born with the cord wrapped around her neck and long story short, she was born into a battle that, thank God, she was ready to fight.  Circumstances placed my sister, niece, and brother-law in the ICU at a hospital 2 hours away.  I was blessed with being able to hold down the homefront with my nephew and my chicks.  And when I say blessed, I mean by being able to help out and be there emotionally and physically to help out was like an injection of love, joy, peace put straight into my soul.  It was literally more than words can describe.  The saying, it is greater to give than recieve?...  That moment in my life was so humbling and I thank God for putting me in that situation to remind me of the power of LOVE.  My darling niece came home about a week and a half later, a healthy little princess, making a permanent residence in our whole families hearts.  She was perfectly content and happy, like she hadn't just fought the battle for her life.  She is an inspiration that shows you have been given the gift of life, the opportunity to love, the option to live each day to its full potential.  That gift is yours.  Each person has control over their own actions and reactions.  Once you realize and accept this thought, it is mindblowing how uncomplicated and simple life can be!  Unfortunately there is some unwritten society rule that will keeps a majority of the world living their life with this complex, that they can control others actions and reactions.  We as flawed humans need to recognize that anger builds walls and barriers where love can move mountains and knows no bounds!
   Alright, so the slight detour took you on the scenic route of the beginning of my discovery of a healthy mind, and on that positive note I will touch on the healthy body part.  Taking care of the little nuggets wasn't my only task at my sisters, I cleaned/cooked/organized/fed animals/shoveled snow/kept the woodstove going/stacked wood/ and ran up and down stairs so many times I'm suprised there wasn't a worn path by the end of my trip!!  Basically it helped me drop another 5-7lbs, and I start showing some....wait for it....muscles!!  Now those bad girls had been hidden since my high school years of playing sports so I was so excited to start seeing some toning and shaping happening where it had been plump little rolls for the past few years!  This also should provide some motivation to all of you not so interested in adding the G.R. to your title. (gym rat)  Let me elaborate, I have nothing against you who have an abnormal love relationship with your treadmill, to each their own.  For me, personally, I would rather be outside and stay active all throughout the day.  Do I go to a gym?...yes...but it is rare, because for example, if I have the choice of going to the beach and swimming/walking/etc or sitting inside staring at a tv while on a manmade machine, I will choose God's gym anyday!!  It is like fuel for my mind, body, and soul, and my body reacts positively to this!
   The last learning experience of my trip that I want to touch on, because it was healing for me, was reconnecting with past friends and making new friends.  This was so positive because it gave me a self-confidence boost that I could connect with new and old friends.  It was also humbling and amazing to discover that certain people I had distanced myself from had never really left my heart and soul.  You can't force friendships or any other relationships in life, however I truly believe some people are destined to be in your life forever and we need to be open and understanding to that fact.  There is a Chinese proverb that describes this best, called the String Theory, where they believe an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances.  The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break.  Whether this is true or not is stated in the title, that it is a theory, it cannot be proven.  However I believe this to hold true, that whether people come and go, relationships begin and end, you never really know if they are one of those destined people who will always be there whether its a constant precense or in a different time and place for a different reason.  So be honest and loving to everyone you meet and keep an open mind that you don't know why God has placed this person in your life.  Simply, let it be.
     Alright, right now I hope I have not completely lost you!  I just want you to fully understand how living a healthy life opens your mind, body and soul to working together as one loving, positive unit!  God gave us these complex bodies and minds, yet we try to pick apart and explain other peoples lives and thoughts when we don't even know our own.  Positivity, love and happiness is contagious, try it sometime! :)  Fin.
We will start up in January 2012 on the next post.....

Thank you all again for the wonderful feedback, I appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas!

Have a wonderfully blessed day/week/beginning of summer!!

Lots of love!!
C'est Si Bon!!

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